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Top 3 Lessons from the Brilliant Minds at #INBOUND18

1. Word of Mouth is the Most Powerful Marketing Channel

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the week is a renewed focus on the customer and word of mouth marketing. Savvy marketers have known for some time the importance of referrals and reviews in growing your business. But now the numbers tracked by HubSpot's CEO Brian Halligan are beginning to show that more of their customers were influenced to purchase HubSpot not by marketing or sales, but by a recommendation from a colleague.

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An Inbound Marketing Case Study - SafetyPro Resources, LLC

Lance Roux, owner of SafetyPro Resources, was frustrated. His website, which he had spent thousands of dollars on, was beautiful, but had little to no traffic. He had always gotten most of his clients through referrals, but now he was trying to grow beyond that. He spent money on industry trade shows, print advertising, and sponsorships, but was not seeing much of a return on his investment.

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How to Create Marketing Campaigns That Work


Growing a business takes a lot of work. That goes without saying. You also need tactics that work, whether you rely on inbound marketing, paid advertising, social selling or outbound prospecting. But hard work and great tactics is not enough. You need to think strategically about your growth. Without strategy, you'll be trying one tactic after another, hoping that one of them will work. Some things will work, some won't, but without strategic planning and analysis, you won't know why.

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Inbound Sales: How Pipeline Generation Bootcamp Made Me a Lioness

I first heard about the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp from Jon, my Partner Strategist at HubSpot. In November of 2017, connected with the partner support team at HubSpot for some help in getting my business ramped up again after a hiatus. We walked through my Agency Sales Plan, discussed my ideal client profile, and then Jon told me I'd have to call people.


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