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How eBooks Help Your Business Generate Leads

May 1, 2014 9:00:00 AM

how ebooks help your business generate leadsAre you looking for ways to bring customers to you, obtain information about those customers and prove yourself to be an authority in your industry?  All of this can be accomplished by using eBooks.  eBooks let you provide your customers with information and value that is important to them. This blog post will show you how eBooks help your business generate leads.

How to Generate Leads with eBooks- The Lead Generation System

To generate leads with eBooks, you will need to create a lead generation system on your website. This includes a call to action button, a landing page with a form, and the eBook itself.

The next time you write a blog, create a call to action that invites your reader to download your eBook. Then, create a landing page that includes a graphic of the cover of the eBook and a form that asks for information from your prospect before they can download the ebook.  Don’t ask for too much information, just stick with the basics such as name and email address. If your eBook is interesting enough to your prospect, they will happily enter their contact information into your form to get it and you will then have a lead that you can continue to communicate with over time.

If your lead continues to visit your site and downloads more eBooks, each time they download an eBook, you can learn more about them.  The content of the eBook also lets you know what your new lead is interested in.

Content is Key

eBooks allow you to repurpose content that you provide on your website, in your emails, in social media and in your blogs. You put a lot of effort into generating this information and eBooks are a great way for you to reformat and distribute that information again. 

When you are offering the eBook on your website, blog or newsletter make sure that the content of the eBook is relevant and informative.  The blog you are writing is only a few words designed to gain interest and lead to a call to action.  The eBook provides better information and is designed to prove you are an authority in your field.  eBooks help gain trust and gaining trust is critical when you are generating leads. 

Brand It!

Develop a template and brand your eBook. You want to develop a series of eBooks with various amounts of relevant content.  Developing a series helps you figure out what your leads are interested in.  Branding your eBooks helps make your company more recognizable to these leads and your existing customers. Here are a few tips for branding your eBook:

  • Be consistent with the fonts and colors
  • Incorporate screen shots and relevant images
  • Add links and call to actions within the eBook
  • Add social media links

eBooks are an inexpensive way to generate leads and provide the added benefit of providing relevant information to those leads. This helps build confidence and helps establish you as an expert in your industry. Want to learn more about how to use eBooks to generate leads?  Sign up for our upcoming workshop!

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Margaret Civella
Written by Margaret Civella

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