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The ABC's of Inbound Marketing

May 13, 2014 9:00:00 AM


Have you ever asked yourself:

 “Why do I need a webpage?”

“Are people opening my e-mails?” 

“Am I getting any ROI from my blogs?” 

Inbound marketing helps you organize, analyze and take control of your electronic marketing.


A is for Action

Is your website working for you?  If not, it’s time to put it into action and turn it into a lead generating machine.  A website is not just for providing contact information and a brief synopsis of your company.  Your website can tell you who is visiting you, how many times they visit, and what the visitors are most interested in.  Here are a few steps to put your website into action:

  • Use your website to capture email address.
  • Provide content that visitors will want to read. 
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your industry.
  • Use your website to capture leads.
  • Utilize your newsletters, blogs, eBooks and social media to link back to information that is on your website. 

The more action you have, the higher you will start to rank on the major search engines.

B is for Blogging

Blogging is a critical component to your website and for providing valuable content that can help generate leads.  Every time you blog, you are creating a new page that is an extension to your website.  The headings and subheadings for all of your blogs improve your search engine optimization. 

  • Blogging is a big commitment and should be published consistently.
  • Develop an editorial calendar to keep you on track.  Click here to download an editorial calendar.
  • Include call to actions that link to your website and landing pages that offer eBooks.

Blogging with great content will allow you to develop a following.  Your followers will look forward to reading your blog.   The information you are providing is important and you don’t want to let them down so remain consistent with your blogging. Every call to action should lead to a landing page that requires your potential clients to provide their name and email address.

C is for Content

Valuable content is what will turn strangers into visitors and visitors into leads.  When you provide information that people will want to read, they will forward your emails and share your blogs on social media. Click here to learn how to create an email newsletter that people will love.

"Sharing brings valuable leads to you and that same content can turn happy customers into promoters for you company!"... Myrna Arroyo

Inbound marketing also provides analytics so you can measure the success of your efforts.  Analytical information is critical in the follow up process and allows you determine how to handle your new leads.  Following inbound marketing methodology can lead to results that make the world wide web of marketing easier to manage, analyze and understand.

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Margaret Civella
Written by Margaret Civella

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