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Tips to Editing Great Content

May 22, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Tips_to_editing_great_contentContent is key when you are practicing inbound marketing.  Your marketing platform revolves around writing captivating emails, informative blogs and interesting social media posts.  Your message is going to circulate around the internet, shared on social media and forwarded in emails.  When you create this great information to share, please don’t forget to edit!     Editing should be a regular part of your writing process and you should not take it for granted. 

Here are a few tips to help you out:

Don’t Trust the Red and Green Lines.

Spell check and grammar check are great tools but it cannot always be trusted.  Just because your document is line free, doesn’t mean you are error free.

  • Spell check cannot correct homonyms.  You may mean piece but type out peace.  You may want to “roll with it” but decide to “role with it” instead. 
  • In, on, if, of are all easy typo’s.  “he walked in ground” and “he walked on ground” are not sentences spell or grammar check will catch. 
  • Grammar checks are limited in the rules and while helpful are not always accurate. 

Edit in Different Media’s. 

Don’t just look at your work in its original form on the monitor to proof read.  Different media help you view your content from a different perspective.  Gaining a new perspective is critical in the editing process.

  • The traditional method of a red pen and paper still works.  Print it out and review it on paper.
  • Email the document to yourself. 
  • If you are writing a blog, review it in the web version preview.  

Give it to Someone Else. 

Another pair of eyes and a fresh perspective is the most effective editing tool.  You can receive valuable feedback if you can find someone to edit that is not familiar with your topic. You can gain insight on whether or not you are using too much industry jargon, speaking with clarity or overlooking a  few typos.

Quick Tips                                                                    

  • Read backwards.  Start from the end of the document and read each word individually. 
  • Copy and paste the document into a translator.  Hearing your content read out loud gives you a fresh perspective.
  • Sleep on it or take a break.  When you finish writing your document take a break before proofreading.
  • Change the layout.  Increase the font size, spacing and color before you proof read.  This will make the document look unfamiliar to your brain and allow you to look at it in a different perspective.

Remember, you are writing to establish your authority in your industry and provide great information to potential leads and existing customers.  You run the risk of losing your audience and damaging your reputation if you have too many errors and inconsistencies in your writing.  A lot of time and effort goes into creating great content so it is worth it to take the time and edit.

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Margaret Civella
Written by Margaret Civella

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